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The benefits and aims of ICT in education

Information technology is the basis of the learning environment, and ICT's contributions to life-long continuous education, widening their knowledge and horizons, gaining new skills for their profession, and taking educational opportunities to remote rural areas are too great to be ignored.

Some of these benefits are:

- To improve the cooperation between society, school, teachers, and students by using information technology tools. To support learning environments with educational software, electronic references, application software, and educational games; thus improving the quality of education,

- To integrate information technology tools into learning environments at all levels,

- To provide every student with access to all kinds of advanced information technology tools throughout their education life,

- To provide all students with the ability to use the right information technology tool at the right time and in the right place. To provide all students with the skills of accessing information, problem-solving, processing, and presenting information with information technology tools and to teach them how to use information technology tools in daily life,

- To save the student from passive learning environments and to enable them to gain the ability to learn actively on their own,

- To enable students to use tools such as the internet, drawing programs, word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software,

- To use computer for teachers to prepare lesson plans, apply their lessons, develop measurement-evaluation tools, give grades, prepare educational materials and use them for self-development,

- To use for purposes such as establishing a management information system to carry out the functions of the provincial and district National Education Directorates with the support of information technology,

- To facilitate administrative work and to make it more effective by using information technologies, databases of school methods, word processors, presentation software, etc.

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