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Power in Points


Using PowerPoint makes it easy for you to integrate graphics and animations into your slides which can illustrate key points and processes for your students. Preparing a presentation helps the teacher to provide good structure and maintain the flow of the subject matter. You can then emphasise key points, focus attention, aid understanding using accurate charts and scaled diagrams that will help the learners to remember and spell more efficiently.

Some PowerPoint Features

The following are some PowerPoint features that can commonly be used by teachers during classroom interaction which will put perfection to the way presentations are made with PowerPoint.

Colour Combinations

Colour combinations should be put into consideration while preparing a slide show using PowerPoint. Some text can be clear and easy to read when good colour combinations are used while some

text may be bad for those with colour blindness when bad colour combinations are used. Some colour combinations are just horrid and have bad contrast between text and background. As such, good colour combinations that can make your text readable are better used for presentation.


The background used by a teacher while presenting his lecture with the aid of PowerPoint is very important to teaching and learning, as such, it should not be childishly prepared. A teacher should be aware of background/foreground combinations, as some are very difficult to distinguish for those with visual impairments. A dark background and light text for instance are best for dark classrooms. Whereas a light background and dark text are best for light classrooms and it is better to keep the same background colour throughout the presentation for uniqueness, then you avoid patterned backgrounds behind the text.

Text Fonts

The use of fonts to prepare the text for presentation by teachers should be carefully selected, for instance when you want to highlight an important point in your presentation, the use of bold is most preferred rather than Italics or underlining (as this can make the words 'run together). You should be aware of the type of font used – 'sans serif' fonts such as Arial or Comic Sans are easier to read for many people. Blocks of the upper case tend to be harder to read compared to lower or mixed case. It is recommended that you use mixed cases.

Slide Layout

A teacher must be courteous of the use of slide layout tools wherever possible, note that you should not put too much information on each slide – six bullet points are optimal to avoid overload. You may use bullets or numbers to state your points rather than continuous prose. The use of left-justified text with the ragged right edge is okay for any simple presentation, then you use wider spacing between sentences and paragraphs and allow only one subject matter per slide.

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