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''Foreign Language as a key to the bright future of yours.''

To learn a language is to have one more window from which you can freshly observe the world...

The Czech proverb is saying that you live a new life for every language you speak. So, if you speak only one language you live only once. I would give you even more quotes to refresh the truth about how significant languages are but I am more than sure that this one is clearly explaining everything. Do you remember the time before being able to speak any language? Of course not, but the good question is, do you know why you don't remember? Well, it's a complicated answer but fortunately, I am willing to explain it to you. So, first, you need to know that your memory is kind of connected with your communicational skills. As many experts believe your memory starts making connections in your brain at the moment you use your language for the first time. Well, it's hard to say if this fact it's 100 percent true, but for sure there is something logical in this theory. Otherwise, we would remember more facts about early childhood.

Advantages of learning a new language.

First of all, I would like to highlight that due to a new language you are finally able to communicate with another circle of people. There is no doubt that new ability will change your life, especially when this ability allows you to build successful connections and as you probably know this is undoubtedly significant nowadays. If you want to have a stable career and more opportunities you'd better go for it and study a foreign language. Statistics are saying that people who know more than one language are smarter, healthier and more open-minded. Besides, there is no better medicine for dementia and Alzheimer's disease than practicing linguistics spots in your brain. Learning a language can help your memory to stay fresh and young as well as it can give you more linguistic abilities. As you may have heard before, a person who knows two languages is faster with learning the third one than a person who speaks just one language. Isn't this amazing? Hell, it is cause learning is improving your memory. It's kind of like having a special power that is giving you even more capability at the time you practice it.

It boosts your creativity.

A new language gives you the new ability and it also opens new doors for you. It's kind of like receiving a golden, magic key to a bright future. There is no doubt that people will appreciate you more if you will know more than one or two languages. Especially at work, this ability undoubtedly will help you climb to the top and reach another level. Moreover, it will definitely make you smarter in the ambitious circle of your business colleagues. You may even show off a bit in order to emphasize how smart you are. Besides, it is not just a theory! Multilingual people are smarter than monolingual inhabitants of this earth. Furthermore, I would like to highlight that the same is when it comes to creativity. People who are able to speak more than one language are more creative and open-minded. Besides, they think more logically and more resistant to various mental diseases. Further, their gray cells die slower and that's why their memory is working successfully. So if you want to boost your creativity learn a new language! There is no doubt that it will pay off one day as well as it is bound to bring new life opportunities.

It improves your ability to solve problems.

There is no doubt that another language will brush up your memory as well as it will refresh your mentality. Multilingual people think logically cause they are constantly using abilities and knowledge that was saved in the best drive ever that is simply called ''Humans' brain''. Subsequently, I feel like I have to point out that when you are practicing your memory you are more willing to save more information. Besides, your awareness is increasing as well as it's much easier for you to focus on particular things. Moreover, I have to note down that multilingual people find it easy to resolve logistic problems. Even when it comes to typical cases and struggles it's just easier to chew it over.

It builds up your self-confidence.

People find it more attractive when you are self-confident. As researchers are saying the new language it's improving not only your open-mindedness but also your self-confidence. Self-esteem should be fulfilled with self-confidence as it may help you in the future life. So if you want to have outstanding achievements, a bright future and a good career brush up your confidence. There is no even doubt that your motivation will increase at the moment you will brush up your braveness. In order to do it, start with educating yourself. New language, new ability and finally new you!

What else?

Well, a new language will definitely enhance the ability as well as it will successfully sharpen your mind. Furthermore, I am ought to tell you that it will keep your mind sharper for longer and that's what you undoubtedly need. You are going to use this brain for many years so please make sure that everything is working properly right there. Your brain is a unique machine that is responsible for all processes in your body, as well as this marvelous organ, is processing all actions of yours. So, when you ask me if your life depends on it I will honestly tell you hell it is!

When it comes to decisions.

Another thing about learning a foreign language is that due to studying it your ability to making decisions will improve. There is no even doubt that your logical thinking and awareness will jump on a higher level. So, the next time you will process everything smoothly and more successfully. Learning a foreign language will enhance decision-making as well as your braveness. You are not going to be afraid of making a step forward even if it means a big change in your life. You will be more open-minded about taking new opportunities and your fear will eventually disappear. Step by step your braveness will increase as well as you will understand more about the process of decision-making.

How about motivation?

While practicing a new language you are also practicing other skills like braveness, communicational skills and definitely your motivation. So, if you ask me whether your motivation is improving the answer is ''YES''. In the beginning, your motivation can be not very strong, but eventually, after seeing fruitful results of the hard effort, you will feel more motivated. Moreover, I have to highlight that not only your motivation is going to increase. There is no doubt that the level of your happiness will jump up as practicing a new, foreign language is trigging happiness hormones.

Don't be ignorant! Your life depends on it!

All in all, you should be aware of those amazing advantages that learning a foreign language is giving to us. Furthermore, I would like to highlight that I just gave you some examples. If you dig a bit into the online library you will find definitely more positive trumps cards. So keep going and don't give up that easily. Of course, in the beginning, you may find it a bit difficult as you have to adapt so many phrases, words and sentences but believe me that in the end, you will thank yourself for the hard work of yours.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of monolingual people in this world but definitely fortunately we are all able to change it. All you need to do is start with yourself. After all, you may try to motivate others but first take care of the person from your mirror. I can bet that you will find those skills useful as well as it will definitely change your life. Why do I think like that? Well, it will undoubtedly provide better career choices, increase networking skills and all in all it will make you able to talk with people from all other parts of the world!

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